About Us

Myonlinedate is a dating site which connects single ladies and single guys in South Africa. -This dating site is responsible for dating only, therefore it provides its customers the following rules, terms and conditions without any violations. The dating site officially started March 2020.

This site do not allow illegal activities such as insulting each other and bullying or any other form which may result in insulting others -in other words this site request all members and all co- existing users to be responsible and maintain all norms and values. In addition Cyber bullying not allowed at all cost.

Zero percent tolerance to pornographic and sexual illicit, therefore any one who may found on the wrong side , please note that our technical team, may not hesitate to punish or block you.

You can be blocked from utilizing our valuable web site -however lets try to maintain peace, respect and friendship without violating our rules so as to protect our environment from any form of violence.

As mentioned earlier this platform is responsible for dating connections globally, to all single ladies, sugar mama as well as single guys- Please in future we only work with people who are single only so as to not tarnish our services.

In addition, we assure confidentiality to all our valued visitors -that is no names or emails will be send to the third party without confirmation from the owner. Hence we assure you that we are responsible for your privacy in terms of your address, age,gender and other secrets as long you are insist not to divulge your personal issues to anyone.

With great respect to you lets us work together decently. All matters from you are our priority. We need reality and transparency here, no fake relationship.

In conclusion, we need respect, pure love and conclusive environment so that we can work together. Your greatly understanding are well appreciated

We Thank You Very Much.