Amazing single mum online! I am here to get a smart and representable young man to date now. WhatsApp me fast

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Amazing single mum online however I am here to get a smart and representable young man to date now. WhatsApp me fast if you are a bit serious with me. This amazing doctor is looking for love in any place in SA now.

Therefore my name is is Precious and i am 32 years and being a doctor by profession. They say beauty and brain do not go hand in hand. I guess I was just lucky because I am beautiful and intelligent. However, when it comes to love, I guess I am a mess.

Why and how i am on this website

For most ladies who are not in marriage, they say they never found love before. For me, the story is different. I have found love before. However, by that time I was foolish enough to let my friends mess my life up. In short, I was young and naïve so I let it slip right through my fingers.

His name was Obrien and we were so much in love. I meet this man on this so called dating site which is SATESPACE. However, by that time he did not have much financially. Resultantly, my friends told me not to date a broke guy. That is why they introduced me to this SATESPACE platform.

Moreover, they were saying I was out of his class and I should wait for the rich ones. I made a decision to leave Obrien and two months down the line he got into marriage with one of my friends. How foolish of myself. However, now I am willing to make amends for my past with someone new.

The difference between now and then is that I am wiser and more mature now. I am ready to give love a chance. Please if you are serious this is your chance to get an amazing sugar mum like me. What you need to do is to get my WhatsApp number so that we can talk online now.

Type of partner amazing single mum wants.

As you all know being a doctor means you are a life saver. However, with the many people I have been saving, I haven’t seen anyone to save mine. On this site, I am looking for a life saver. I am starving of love so I need a man to save me. Furthermore, demands a lot of my time so I want someone understanding.

Moreover, I want someone kind, humble and romantic. I cannot go home to someone understanding after my stressful job. However, I promise to give enough time for us and to be a loving partner. With the years I have been a doctor, I know that I do not have to bring work home. All I want is love despite one’s occupation and social status.

How to get in touch with me

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My direct Number for phone calls only Is +27 61 633 9476

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  1. MY name is Kenneth A Johnny contact number+23231400900/+23278400187 if you mean something serious sapp me now am waiting on you

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