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Beautiful woman for you to marry who goes by the name Stephanie and she is 27 years old. Firstly are you looking for a beautiful woman to marry? I am the right one for you, try me and you will not regret. My name is Stephaine and I live in KZN South Africa. I am twenty seven years old and I haven’t been in a marriage before. That is why I am on this platform, looking for marriage.

However I work at a certain clinic here in KZN and that is my only income. Last year I graduated and I have now reached a point where I want to get married. This is the best site and I have high hopes.

I have tried Facebook before but nothing positive yet. A man who also works will be perfect for me. Currently I am living at my parent’s house because I have not yet found someone to live with. I have a house but I am still renting it for more money.

What this beautiful woman is looking for

I am looking for a man to start a serious relationship with and get married. One who is willing to settle down and start a family with me. A man who is ready to meet with my family. Someone who is three to eight years older than me will do.

A well presented man who fears God as well. Mostly, a hard working man who brings something to the table. One who is responsible and understanding. Has no side relationships. In addition, I also want a man who considers gender equality.

One who doesn’t see himself as superior and does not boast around. I would be more than happy if my dream man comes masculine and brown skin. Tall in height and natural brown or black hair, I hate colored hair on men.

My offer when you make me your wife

Firstly I assure you of my everlasting love. I will bring you peace and happiness. Support you in everything you do. I promise to have your back through the ups and downs that may hit us.

You will have access everything that I own, love has no secrets. Some expenses will be covered by me. I will perform all wife duties. Give you my time and attention, loyalty and affection.

How to get in touch with this beautiful woman

I posted my pictures, address and more of my bio info on SATESPACE. Also i have posted my whatsapp number there. You search for me by clicking the link below and join. When you join, then get my whatsapp number and send a message, you won’t regret. Use the sign up button below.

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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

After registration, look for me and text me. Also if you want to meet one on one with me you can simply click the CONTACT US page on this site and get my home address as quicker as possible. Thank you for your concern.

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