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Beautiful single lady get her whatsapp number now however if you are a genuine single guy. Hey there. I am Beauty and I live in Soweto. Most of my time is spent at work at a certain hotel here in Soweto. Therefore because of shifts, I do night duty sometimes.

My ex-fiance didn’t want me to do night duties but that was our income. However I could not leave work and agree with him because his money alone was not enough for us. A man who understands the type of job I do and hours I work will be perfect for me.

I want a man who has a job too to help cover some expenses. My age preference is thirty years and above to match my age. A man I can ger married to and start a family with. I am now twenty years old and I need to get married. My ex and I were jus engaged waiting to marry.

What this beautiful single lady is looking for

However i am looking for someone who has Respect and love. I am looking for a man who promises to have my back and stay loyal to me. This lady loves church so a God fearing man will be perfect for me. A hard working man who can also do the responsibilities of a husband.

To be frank, I’m kindly looking for someone who can help me manage my money. Even though we will spend a big deal of it together on silly things, there will still be more to be properly recorded and deposited so that we can buy ourselves luxurious things.

What I can offer

I promise to love and respect you as my man. On everything that you do, I will support you and always have your back. I will also contribute in our home. All the duties of a wife and I promise to respect my in-laws.

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