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Simple single lady need love from any guy who is mature and stays in South Africa. Hello gentleman, my name is Claris. Therefore I like it the most when they call me Claire.

However I stay in Cape town with my mother and i am the only child in our family. My father died but we are rich as you can imagine. We own a big supermarket in town. I personally in charge of my mothers business as an accountant.

Now focusing more on the aim of my story.My husband died in a car accident when i was 24 years old.That accident costed the life of my husband,two sons and one daughter.Since then I never got married but had short term relationships. I never enjoyed it and I do not know why.

This happy single lady is looking for

Now I’m feeling like getting myself a young guy that is of age 25-30 Ben 10. A small guy who is handsome,gentle,lovely,caring and can rewind the clock back to the period i was 20 before my marriage.I once again want to feel like a girl and the memories that I lost my beloved varnish.

I am a loving lady who is also caring. I like having company around and making other people happy. Basically I can say I am a fun person and an adventurer. I like going on tours and admiring nature. One thing I am sure of is I know how to treat a man good.

How I am going to make you happy

As I have just mentioned earlier I’m rich and everything my Ben 10 wishes can be afforded.I am a sweet single lady who is nothing but a key to happiness.I can do a lot for you so lets just say I will be here for you. I will support you in everything you do financially and mentally.

My ideal man had the following:

1. My ideal man is tall and dark: I want a man who is taller than me and can look at me straight I’m the eyes. I wanna feel protected and this will need someone who is bigger. I’m light skin so a darker boyfriend will be a perfect match for me.

2. I want a handsome guy: The guy who wins my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE is the got who looks good. All you have to do is post those cute pictures of yourself on the site and I will take a look at them when you text me. But if you are not going to meet the above qualities it means your chances to win me are very low.

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