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Happy single lady in Johannesburg looking for love. However i need love from any guy who is around South Africa. Hi there, I’m Brenda and I’m 25 years old. I currently stay in Durban and i live with my two sisters who are older to me. However both my parents passed away when I was still young. Me and my sisters were left to live with our grandmother who later on passed away.

So life had never treat us fairly and i never test happiness. This time I’m referring to happiness in a relationship. All the guys I have date in the past years treat me bad. Currently I do rewarding job as a hairdresser and i have manage to do away with the poverty

Happy single lady looking for

Now getting into my story I’m looking for a man who wants a lady like me to marry.I’m beautiful, that I can tell, hardworking and all the good features of a lady are in me.Well I am looking for a guy to be in a serious relationship with that is gonna last with me.

A handsome guy of age ranging from 22-28.I want one who is presentable, lovely, caring, motivating and responsible. A single or divorce guy who is non-violent and above all a God fearing one.

My Promises

If you be mine I’m promising you heaven on earth.You will be the luckiest guy here on earth because Brenda had it all and have it all despite the poor background.You will get the love,care and attention you deserve.I am a very hardworking girl so u won’t have to carry the burden alone.

 I want a handsome guy: The guy who wins my heart is the one i am expecting to take my number and text me. One who have the good looks. All you have to do is to send your photos and your number as well as your home province.

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Here is my whatsapp number can you please try to show me your concern by texting me right now. Here it is +27 60 864 8596. If you meet any challenges please let the the admin of this site assist you as soon as possible. You can get in touch with the admin on the CONTACT US page of this site now. Thank you for going to send me a sweet message.

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  1. Hi beutifull lady I am Bongani Ngubane from South Africa, i am 26 years old I would like to have you in my lobe share good things together have family and give each other’s love and respect. Plz give me a chance

  2. Lou honey gama lam Khaya ndina 29 years se Rustenburg. if you don’t mind can u call me 0737124077

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