Online single lady looking for a serious man.

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Online single lady looking for a serious man to get in love with. I am a rich lady looking for a serious man to date. My businesses are all over South Africa.

Therefore I even own a mall in one of the cities here in South Africa. Some of my houses are still to be complete by year end. Am receiving rentals from the other houses which l finished building.

In need a serious man whom I can spend money with as my lover. However a serious man who is done playing around and is ready for a serious relationship. Not just love relationship but business relationship as well. Making millions with my partner will be a goal for me.

Expectations from this online single lady

A hardworking and energetic man who can run around with business as well. Who can spoil me with happiness. Therefore a rich man who looks presentable. More so I want a man who respects me and my decisions as well. God fearing and a peacemaker.

A man who is two to five years older than me will be perfect for me. One who is intelligent to help me with more business ideas. I need a rich man as well to match with my status.

My offer

However I promise to love and respect you. Happiness and loyalty. Access to my possessions. Talking about business, you can have business shares on any of my companies. I will cover some of the expenses and perform wife duties.

How to contact me

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Only if you are serious with me then we can talk. Whatsapp me and get my address if you want to meet in person first.
My whatsapp number is +27 84 303 2111.

However if you wish to meet me one on one that is if you have some interests to come to my house then here is what you can do. Just visit the CONTACT US page of this site and look for my house address which i have put there for privacy sake. Take my address and come as soon as possible.

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