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Rich single mom looking for love however around Lesotho or even in South Africa. My name is Trinity and I’m a rich single mom. I was in marriage to another businessman in the country.

He had also a lot of businesses outside the country. I divorce my husband a year ago. He never allow me to go to work because he thought my duty was to take care of the kid and be a good wife to him.

My husband was a Zulu man and marrying more than one wife wasn’t a taboo to him. His family members decided that he should take a second wife but I was so against the idea. I decide to leave him and file a divorce. After the finalization of the divorce he decide to give me all his businesses in South Africa so that I can take care of his kid

What this rich single mom is looking for

I am looking for a tall handsome Christian man who goes to church and doesn’t think that women are of less value compared to men. Who believes in women empowerment and who is against the abuse of the girl child. Some one who is against the idea of polygamy.

A man who knows his responsibility as the man of the house and doesn’t lay his hand on a woman. A man who is respective, kind and loyal. Someone who comes home early and spends some quality time with me. I’m looking for someone who believes in me and always bring out the best in me.

What I will give you

The most important thing that I will give you will be my heart. I will love you like you have never been loved again. Another thing will be my full attention and respect. I will respect you and treat you like a man.

All the fine things that life has to offer will be given to you, l mean all the cars and houses that I own you will have them as yours and have access to my bank accounts.

Every month I will give you money to take care of your family. I will start a business for you that will be giving you money. If you don’t mind going on vacations to any place of your choice then consider it done. We will visit and holiday resorts of your choice

How to contact this rich single mom

Only if you are serious then you need to take my number. But before that firstly click on the CONTACT US page of this site and get my address from the admin of the valuable site.

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