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Single Mum Online therefore i am on this site looking for my personal boy to date. However WhatsApp me if you have some interests with me. I am online as your single mum online. My name is Lerato Dhlakama staying in Pretoria. I am new here and my issue which bring me here is that i want my own guy.

Therefore the guy should be understanding all languages in South Africa. I am fluent to all languages in South Africa including this English however this is because i am always meeting different people around SA. More so I am working as a non governmental organization officer therefore i am looking for a boy to get in love.

Since i am single and still young i am expecting the guy to be also a single guy with the age of above 16 years. I am a lady who is very humble and beautiful. Currently i am staying alone at this lock down days so i am really boring very much.

Hello I wish if i could have a guy nearby entertain me watching some movies at my house. Definitely after this lock down I feel I am going to get my dude whom I spoil with cash. Be the first person to whatsapp me and i will respond you there and there.

Meet also youngest Single Mum Online in South Africa-ANNAH-21 YEARS

My name is Annah a single staying in Capetown the youngest single lady in Capetown. I am here thanking the admin for this site for giving me permission to post my story here. My parents told me that its so early for me to get in a relationship that can lead me to marriage.

As a mature lady, i mean mature in mind i decide to move on with my life so that is why i am posting my issue here. I am searching for a smart guy who will be the king of my heart. I need someone who is a bit mature than me. Someone who is above 21 years for a true relationship. You must be handsome and be active in bedroom that is the area i want mostly you to perform very well.

Some other guys are no longer want to chart with me since i am very strict on bedroom issues. So it means they are not active. Why is it that they are refusing to show me their skills. Please if you are active come to my house at number 366 Hare street flat number 7 on 4th floor in Capetown.

Get my WhatsApp number if you are an active guy

Just inbox me to let me know that you are coming. But it is far much safe to come after this lock down so that we meet each other.

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Lastly take note of that i want a guy who is health free. So i need to know your status before we can engage into any activities. It is wise and healthier for couples to get tested first before engaging in the bedroom. You should be honest for that my man so that i can feel free to choose you.

Anywhere have a good day and if you have any challenges please do not hesitate to consult the admin of this site on the CONTACT US page of this site as soon as possible.


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